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      After sales profile

      Sales is a virtuous circle, and having a good start is not enough, just like a smile when you come in. "Welcome," while the customer is left naughty relative to the customer. Your service does not come from the heart.
      We will do some pre-sale publicity, and the store can also prepare for certain promotional activities to attract customers.
      And our Purchasing Guide ability to play at most in the sale of services, how to greet customers, how to serve customers in the above chapters have detailed instructions, but in daily work, the most easy to overlook is not after-sales service, when customers take The product back to the store to raise objections, when the customer complained about quality problems, our shopping guide how to deal with?
      How to improve the higher value of the product is not only the value of the product itself, but also the value enjoyed by customers outside the product, so that customers feel value for money, so that customers are really satisfied
      So how to do our after-sales service? We ask Jinhan Shopping guide to do a good job together: "Let every one of our customers are satisfied from beginning to end.

      Service guidelines

      No matter what time the customer to the store, must be patient and sincere hospitality.
      Regular customer information card holders to call the "caring" phone, asking customers whether they are satisfied with the product, whether in product care have questions, and make a detailed record.
      When customers have objections to the products they sell, they should patiently receive the customers, listen to their thoughts and reasons for dissatisfaction, and then reply to them (remember, the reply is not dealt with, not to mention the excuse, to be true).
      For each customer dissatisfied with the quality of the product, give a gift, and apologize, according to their request to respond (do not give short promises).
      Keep in mind that when a customer comes in for his or her own grievances, it is not yet a complete loss of confidence, which is the best time to establish a brand image and your service is the best way to restore confidence.
      For customers who have dealt with the after-sales issues, they need to contact their phone once again within three days to a week to inquire the customer's opinions and make a detailed record. The end-of-month feedback is sent back to the company's customer service department.

      Never appear the following situation

      Dispute with the customer, or even quarrel!
      Indifferent treatment of customers, even ignore it!
      Impatient performance, or even ridiculed customers!

      Grasp the patience, sincere, attentive service, complete customer service, to know that the service is not superfluous, the service is not terminated after the transaction
      We want to make customers 120% satisfied, this extra 20% is your perfect service, so that customer satisfaction continues!

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