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      about us

      Alexandra home Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

      Alexandra home Jiangsu Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, Acting distribution dozens of domestic and international home brands. In 2015, YANNY (Yani) International Design Center was officially established and the "YANNY-G" series of independent high-
      • LongpanZhonglu Shop
      • Jinling Shop
      • Liukong Shop

      Lu yan introduction

      Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Nanjing City, the thirteenth Committee (Ming Faction)
      Jiangsu province cheongsam vice president
      Modern Alexandria Home Jiangsu Co., Ltd. General Manager and Design Director
      Nanjing Ya Fu Nuodei Home Co., Ltd. General Manager

      • 2015

        In 2015, the company opened the "Yani International House Museum" flagship store. To achieve a multi-brand strategy, the full establishment of an area of 3,500 square feet of soft installed three-dimensional display platform.
      • 2009

        In 2009, due to the needs of the soft-loaded industry, the company officially signed the regional agency rights of the Alexandra brand and incorporated ALEXANDRE HOME to set up the independent shop of "Alexandra House". To clarify the high-end market positioning and design trend of soft installed, the company has signed a contract to introduce the United States and Europe (CENTURY Century Furniture, White House Queen furniture), HANCOCK MOORE (HM top leather sofa, the United States White House Q...
      • 2005

        Established in 2005, "Nanjing Qinchuan Decoration Industry Co., Ltd.", engaged in professional software design.
      • 2004

        In 2004, he studied interior design in Nanjing Jinling University of Science and Technology and passed the national professional examination of registered interior designers. He obtained the certificate of mid-level registered designer and also registered his first studio - "One Home" indoors Design studio, mainly dedicated to high-end model room, hotel clubs, villas and other soft design, furnishings and engineering facilities.
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      Address:Nanjing Qinhuai District Longpan Road 229

      Address:Nanjing Qinhuai District Longpan Road 229

      Support hotline:025-84689996