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      Introduction / Introduction

      Century Furniture is America's top furniture brand, but also the United States White House Queen's furniture. Century furniture is famous for its professional spray paint and fine craftsmanship and has been hailed as the leading designer of furniture in the industry. Careful and careful sanding operation is an important feature of Century furniture, hand-painted wood, emphasizing some of the key light lines, so that the original simple wood more three-dimensional and life, highlighting the aesthetic arts furniture craft.

      Century Furniture, a 70-year-old in the United States, was founded by Harley Ferguson Shuford Sr in 1947 and set up a factory in Sikac North Carolina the day after its development, beginning the first eighteenth century Peach Heart wood dining table. In 1957, the sofa division of Century Furniture Company was established, with 2,500 models of its sofas and nearly 3,000 frames to choose from. The gold-plated chairs currently placed in the rooms on the west side of the White House are commemorative seats made for the appearance of French theater chairs of the 18th century and used during President Eisenhower Will Weir. This brand is also the first American furniture brand to enter the UK department store Harris, showing that it is also popular with the British people.

      Century produces wooden furniture with high-tech craftsmen who work with traditional exquisite craftsmanship, hand-formed and carved art. British dovetail tenon, the perfect feel of the drawer will always fit the slide glide smoothly; strict selection of the world's top wood exotic wood chips, hand-arranged, collage charming beautiful patterns. At the same time using mechanical and manual polishing, so that each piece of wood showing a smooth and clean appearance; manual and multi-channel coating process, in addition to adding protective layer, but also enhance the vivid, fresh, beautiful appearance of wooden furniture.
      Careful and meticulous sanding is one of the key procedures for boutique furniture. The final stage involves manual depicting wood grain, emphasizing some of the key light grain lines, making the original simple wood grain more solid and life-enhancing, highlighting the aesthetic arts of furniture craft .

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